You are a lawyer, but you look like you are sixteen.



So you look like you are sixteen. People get amazed with how young they thought you were, when in fact, you are twenty seven, already. It is actually a good thing. People spend thousand and millions of money just to look young. You are one lucky child of God for not having the need to have collagen supplements a necessity. But here is the thing: you are a lawyer. 


Here are some of the things you get for being such a fine young looking lawyer:

  • Every time you enter the office building, security guards refuse to let you in without showing your ID. They often mistake you as a newly grad applicant.
  • When you are all dressed for a hearing, the driver calls you “Ne.” “Ne, pakisarado ulit yung pinto.”
  • Before entering municipal halls, guard asks you, “Ne, san ka? May kasama ka bang attorney?”
  • During board meetings, board member asks you, “Ma’am, dadating ba si attorney?”
  • Also during a board meeting, when you thought the board is still waiting for someone because the meeting is taking too long to start, the board asks everyone, “Don’t we have a legal counsel? Dadating ba?”
  • When you hear the visitors of your neighbor’s chismisan, “Attorney ba talaga yon?”
  • When you hear this ALL.THE.TIME., “Ang bata!”
  • When you committed a mistake in your pleading, the partners say, “It’s okay, bata ka pa naman.”
  • When you visit your lolo in the hospital, your lola introduced you to the nurse. The nurse says, “Ah, baka magtetake palang siya ng bar?”
  • When you visit your tita (who is a nun) in the convent, and her co-nuns say, “Grabe, ang bata no?”
  • You attend the mass and talk to the priest, who says, “Teka, ilan taon ka na ba? Ang bata mo pa ah!”

Well, those are the awkward moments I deal with everyday. But I am never complaining. A young fabulously looking lawyer, who is making these people think and look twice, I am actually loving it! ♥



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