I dream of a happily ever after, too.


I came across this article which features a couple who celebrates 57 years of marriage with “Notebook”-themed photoshoot.

Let me quote from the article:

Clemma and Sterling Elmore have been together for 57-years and counting. To celebrate their endless love, the couple’s granddaughter, Amber, planned them a photoshoot inspired by one of Clemma’s favorite movies – “The Notebook”.


“When I met Sterling, he was like that and we knew we loved each other immediately,” Clemma told a local news station. “Sterling is the sweetest loving person I’ve ever met. We tell each other that we love each other at least 10 times a day and that is what I wanted. He said that when he saw me, he knew that I was the one.” Now this is what I call #RelationshipGoals.

It made me cryyyyyy. I want a love like that, too, fifty seven years from now. I want a love so pure that every night, I will look at him and say to my self, “I knew he was the one”. I want to wake up every day for fifty seven years, seeing my life next to me, and be grateful for his life. I want my Sterling, too.

I know I am very far from being a good girl. There are times I get really out of control. I get mad. I throw tantrums. I over react. I over think. I am completely unbelievable. I get PMS. I dominate. I want, I get. But somehow, I believe there is this guy who will tell me all these things are okay. That he accepts me and still wants to pursue me. That he still wants to love me and care for me and hold me. I know God has this man prepared for me, one who is imperfect but is perfect for me. I want a man who is armored with God’s love. A man who understands all my craziness in life. I know in my heart that at the right time, God will present this guy, whom I have already met, or will meet in the future. Of course that time will be magical! After that, everything will make sense. Fifty seven years after that right time, I will say, “I knew he was the one for me.”

And in our fifty seven years of celebrating love together, we will also show the world how happy and blessed we are of each other, through a photoshoot like this:













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